Weight Loss/food issues & Alcohol Concerns

Struggling with weight loss/food issues? and who is that struggle with? It's yourself!

We look at why you battle against yourself this way.

To lose weight and keep it off.

We look at the issues attached to food/eating to understand the triggers.

Are you a comfort eater ?
Do you mislead yourself re quantity ?
Do you eat too fast ?
Do you eat to reward yourself ?
Do you 'clear your plate ' regardless of quantity ?
Not able to ' notice' the feeling full signs ?
Difficulty in saying 'no' to the provider of food.
Eating a limited variety of food due to a phobia.

Very few people are actually happy re their body and its weight, regardless of size. Losing weight is challenging and at times frustrating, especially if feelings of low self esteem/confidence around.
To lose weight and keep it off its not about a six week purge or a magical hypno gastricband ( see below) it's about making lifestyle changes and this is where hypnotherapy is so supportive as you need to change your mind set to change your eating habits to get the body you dream of.

Hypnotherapy here at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice aims to support losing barriers that have prevented you from weight loss for perhaps many years.

Personalized hypnotherapy for weight loss and to sustain a healthy lifestyle can be life changing.

With hypnotherapy we can change how you feel/think re what/how/when you eat.

Changing thinking patterns and gaining control in a way that feels good.

Only eating the foods your body actually actually needs is important and you will learn powerful techniques to help/support this.

By being in control of what you eat you can be more in control of your life leading to more energy, confidence, self esteem and better health.
Faddy eaters also are able to successfully find and deal with the reasons that lead to their limited diet and relearn to enjoy a wider selection.
With all clients we work with forming foundations of good eating habits which will empower you to take control of your choices without feeling denied.

I am a HypnoGastricBand practitioner in Maidstone and whilst it has had great hype in the media ,it is NOT a quicker 'fix' than the personalized hypnotherapy mentioned above, it is another tool or technique that I am able to use if appropriate.
Beware if others are willing to take all your money upfront just becase you have asked for the technique, reputable hypnotherapists only use with caution , if you fit the professional criteria it may be suitable and offered ----just as your doctor can be understanding to treatment you have heard of , he may not prescribe it.

Alcohol control.

Habitual use of alcohol happens very easily ,causing potential problems with relationships and careers.
Despite efforts to control the habit most individuals find it very diffficult on their own.
Providing you are still in work etc then with hypnotherapy and some CBT techniques it has been found here at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice that we are usually able to find a root cause that found 'comfort' in that habit ,ie social anxiety,loneliness,work worries and work together to change those reactions, wether you wish to stop completely or only drink ie in company or at weekends.

Issues dealt with include,

Stop binge eating

Stop emotional eating

Stop secret eating

Lose guilt re food

Banish cravings

Sugar addiction

Any food phobic thoughts

Faddy / fussy eaters

Weight obession

Gym motivation

Salt addiction

Coping with a gluten free diet

Binge drinking

Control alcohol quantity

Coping with partner's drinking

Secret drinking

Deal with addictive excuses

Cola addiction

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