Phobias, Anxieties & Stress lessen with hypnotherapy.

1 in 4 of us will need some sort of help with anxiety during our lives.
Try the standard professional test below, if any concerns re level of anxiety please get in touch with someone---wether your doctor, myself, a friend for help & advice.

Remember - speaking about your problem is the first step to solving it.

Over the past 2 weeks, how often have you been bothered by any of the following problems?
(Rank your answer as 0: Not at all, 1: Several days, 2: More than half the days, 3: Nearly every day.)

i: Feeling nervois, anxious or on edge
ii: Not being able to stop or control worrying
iii: Worrying too much about different things
iv: Trouble relaxing
v: Being so restless that it is hard to sit still
vi: Becoming easily annoyed or irritable
vii: Feeling afraid as if something awful might happen.

'Change your thoughts & you change your life'

You can change your life around---regaining control of phobias,anxieties & stress at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice.
Many problems can feel overwhelming,trying to change by yourself leads to disappointment --- and you may feel very alone with your issue--though most have been experienced by others.

Anxiety,mild to moderate depression, panic attacks, stress,self sabotage, self confidence and self esteem are the basis of my work here at my Maidstone hypnotherapy practice, so you can work very soon at putting your worries behind you.

Anxiety & panic attacks.

Anxiety is a normal human emotion which can get out of control very easily !
We call it the 'fight or flight ' response when the body reacts very quickly to what it perceives as a threat, preparing you to react quickly ,then when the perceived threat has passed the body should return to normal , however it becomes a problem when it occurs too strongly for a wrong or 'non' situation. When we feel the surge of anxiety we gat panicky thoughts.
We become anxious--- then become anxious about being/feeling anxious !!! it all gets worse --quickly. Gets called a panic attack.
Lasting about twenty mins though as they seem to happen for no reason they are especially frightening. Taking control when the earliest symptoms begin will reduce them quickly---learning to have the confidence in dealing with them is an early stratagy you can learn here with me.
Identifing and taking control of the thought processes that trigger the attacks, even if at present not aware of what they are.

Generalized anxiety disorder GAD, is about worrying/feeling anxious about everything, often for no obvious reason.
People with symptoms will always expect disaster and can't stop worrying even if know the worry is unrealistic or out of proportion.
Here you learn to react differently in and out of hypnotherapy.

OCD is a type of anxiety disorder that traps people into endless cycles of thoughts/fears [obsessions] they feel out of control to.The anxiety produced leeds to an urgent need to performrituals/routines [compulsions] in an attempt to prevent or make the thoughts/fears go away.
Within hypnotherapy you will practice and feel comfortable with other ways of behaving and deal also with forward planning of your ideal way of reacting.


Living with depression is hard ! and effects all areas of your life--many generalize themselves as depressed when just having an 'off ' day.
It can feel that nothing will make a difference and there are usually a combination of factors that influence the type/depth of depression.
The decision to do something will be a significant turning point.
Many clients come for hypnotherapy/CBT because after making the effort to see their GP they find that other than medication the NHS lists for therapy can be as long as 18 months locally and they are not wanting to be on medication for a long period as they want to deal with the issues rather than sedate the issues.
For me I find that if the client has mild/moderate depression then hypnotherapy with CBT/NLP techniques can be very effective with uncovering the root causes of the emotions/thoughts, replacing the negative thinking, to help focus on working towards future goals and achieving !


As a baby the only fear we have is being dropped and loud noises.
All other fears are learnt behaviour fron situations and events that have happened in our lives.
When these events happened they triggered feelings inside that your mind decided to interperate as stressful. Then every time you feel the same you react the same way until you learn an ulternative way of responding.
Because most of our fears we know are irrational-we fear them more.
The original cause was usually a reaction to feeling anxious to what often is not the actual phobia, which is why it's so difficult for the conscious mind to sort it by itself because anxieties can 'attach' to more and more ' normal' issues if help not found.
However long you have had the phobia its impact can be changed and usually lost.
Common ones are, spiders, flying, dentists, cats, social interaction, public toilets, water, being sick, others being sick etc.germs, ' if i don't something will happen '

Issues dealt with include,


Panic attacks


Terrorism anxieties

Fear of you/others being sick

Fear of rejection/commitment

Agoraphobia & Claustrophobia

Wedding day anxieties

Guilty feelings

Stress management

Permanent 'lump in throat'

Fear of lifts

Fear of travelling/flying

Feeling like a failure

Fears of the dentist

Everyday stress/midlife crisis

Fear of MRI scans

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