Health Issues, fertility & Cancer Support

General health issues at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice.

It is most important that your doctor is the first point of call for many health issues,further to that letting him know that you are coming for hypnotherapy to deal with physical /emotional feelings that are being generated by your diagnosis/problem.

Your mind & body are so interwined that if your mind is unhappy so is your body,often leading to symptoms doctor's struggle to treat fully.


Is a very debilitating condition that can have significant impact on quality of life.
Many causes and many types of sound can be heard.
There is no one easy answer but may find hypnotherapy can be supportive as part of a multi focussed approach. Learning to cope with your emotions and stresses caused by the sounds can within hypnotherapy make them seemingly less obvious/overwhelming in your day to day life.


Experts say migraine sufferers are more prone to other health problems.
It is in the top 20 of lifetime conditions.
The majority of my migraine clients have come originally for another issue, my weight loss clients especially find that when they take control of their eating habits then their migraines have been cut down amazingly [ putting some weight to the link between food and migraine]
Learning techniques here at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice to feel more calm/ in control of life can insure a better balance of seratonin/blood pressure which relieves symptoms .


This really should be under habits as it so quickly becomes one and usually because stresses and anxieties haven't been dealt with.
Insomnia is the inability to fall asleep or remain asleep as long as desired.
Whilst it may be the condition folk see as their issue,it is usually a consequence of anxieties in your life. Medication can be a ' quick fix ' but doesn't usually target the root cause whilst having potential side effects to deal with as well.
Using hypnotherapy to promote calmness and relaxation,taking part in specific strategies given as homework and being prepared to make some simple lifestyle changes will all be key factors in retraining yourself for restful sleep.
[whatever my clients issue, clients usually report on sleeping easier as a natural side effect after being to me due to understanding more of how their sleep is affected by events/thoughts in their lives.]

Cancer support for Maidstone & local areas.

Hypnotherapy here supports you [ & often family members/carers] to cope with dealing with your physical & emotional reactions before/during/after your treatment,and there is much evidence to support this. It is not an alternative therapy/treatment.
Many doctors have had some learnings whilst training as doctors re hypnotherapy these days and indeed some hospitals will offer it to you.
Due to the interaction re your mind and body it is important to take control of your stress levels as any extra stress can further reduce the effectiveness of the immune system.
Usually you will feel more in control as you find you can lower your feelings of anxiety/stress, finding it easier to adjust to diagnosis,treatment plans and life chances.
Using visualization techniques to support your immune system,modify perception of pain,coping better if previously had fears of needles,MRI scans etc.
To focus on what you want to happen as establishing your individual goals can result in better happenings and will boost your self confidence---so needed at this time.

IBS support.

IBS is one of the most common results of the busy/stressful life in the UK.
Characterized by stomach cramps/distension,irregular bowels movements ,bloating and excessive wind. Originally called spastic colon it is important to get a proper diagnosis rather than self diagnose. Medication may help though as stress is known to be the main cause being able to reduce/miminize symptoms through techniques learnt here will greatly enhance your general wellbeing.
I have had clients be able to stop premature voiding of their bowels too.

Hypertension support .

90 % of hypertension has no identifiable medical cause.
Because its emotional factors or lifestyle choices it does need motivation and action to change which is why coming to a Maidstone hypnotherapist who is a Certified Hypnotension practitioner can be effective as you are then making a commitment to yourself to taking direct action to bringing your blood pressure down.
Doctors can usually only 'manage' the symptoms which means a lifetime of medication --[a few folk are happy to be on 'the pills ' ! ]
By identifing and addressing the emotional lifestyle factors unique to you we can help you lower or even return your blood pressure to normal levels and as your blood pressure naturally reduces ---we can work in conjunction with you GP---who may well reduce your medication as he sees it lowering.


Experiencing explained/unexplained fertility issues,wether planning to conceive naturally or with eg. IVF --------- many couples need support.
Negative thoughts,feelings,enexpressed emotions can all cause conflict within our bodies, thus limiting favourable conditions for sucessful pregnancy.
When stressed or anxious the body's natural reaction is to shut down many of its functions to cope with the perceived threat and your reproductive organs are amongst the first to be effected.
Here at my hypnotherapy practice hypnotherapy instils a way to deal with anxieties,allowing the body to work at its optimum to maximise chances of conception.

Issues dealt with include,


Sleep walking

IVF issues/morning sickness

Fear of pregnancy/birth

Pre/post natal anxiety

Fears of injections

Fear of MRI scans

Re-eating after throat cancer


Hot flushes etc

Coping with chemotherapy

Shock of cancer diagnosis

Overactive or shy bladder

Pain management




Swallowing pills


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