Habits, Obsessions & Addictions.

A habit is a routine of behavior that is repeated and tends to be done without thinking about it, it then very quickly becomes a way of behavior that can seem difficult to change----- so we hear the retort, 'I don't know I am doing it, it happens automatically !'
The habit can usually be broken down into three parts, the cue, the behavior,and the reward.
Many habits start in childhood, usually when you were too young to be able to control an anxious situation , some habits starting at emotional times in a person's life and then comfort/relief/acceptance is found in the behaviour.
ie. the child can't do anything re emotional trauma in their life so finds comfort sucking thumb or twiddling hair .
ie.the anxiety of being ' accepted ' by peers to taking part in smoking results in comfort of acceptance in social situations when smoking.
Here at Maidstone Hypnotherapy Practice we work at stopping/replacing with a more appropriate reaction/behaviour.

Obsessions can be continuous thoughts,ideas or impulses that seem to take over, eg.  obsessing over germs, becoming ill, sometimes a great fear of safety for self or others.
We can all have the odd obsessive thought but when they start to be more often than that then you need to find help/advice.
Often to try to reduce the anxiety caused by the thoughts its common for a habit of behaviour to begin, ie.counting, touching, moving in a certain way, to recheck or repeat certain words but then the anxiety is likely to become stronger if not able to follow out the compulsive behaviour.
Like habits obsessions will often start in childhood/adolesence.

Addictions usually start as a habit and gradually become more and more in control of you rather than you in control of what the issue is,overwhelming your quality of life.
Warning signs are that it distracts/stops you doing what you should be doing.
You are stopping other activities, limiting what you are doing.
Feeling irritable, anxious when you try to stop.
Causing problems with/at work/relationships.

We can't change the past and where habits, obsessions and addictions may have started but we can change the way we think,feel and react to it, focussing then on your future and building new reactions/behaviours.
Hpynotherapy has the edge at changing behaviours .

Get in touch today ---- the first step to feeling,thinking and reacting differently.

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary from person to person ,hypnotherapy does not work like a magic wand, it requires commitment. It is however, an amazingly effective and easy way to make positive changes to how you think, feel and react.


Issues dealt with include,

Phone/tablet /TV addiction

Social media obsession


Bruxism/clenching teeth


Nail biting / mouth chewing

Obsessions germs/health

Shopping addiction


Obsessive/unwanted thoughts

Obsessive checking

Obsessive hoarding

Picking skin/spots


Vaping addiction

Obsessing re ex or partners ex

Controlling behaviour

Gym/exercise addiction

Compulsive lying

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