Your hypnotherapist at Maidstone Hypnotherapy Practice.

Teresa - your hypnotherapist

Gosh and why a hypnotherapist?

It is a common question to being asked and the reason is very simple-I like and am interested in people.

The average person has lots of anxieties and yet the relieving of much of it is really straightforward - I am happy to be the facilitator of the relief , your Maidstone hypnotherapist at my Maidstone hypnotherapy practice, (many years in other caring/supportive areas I found hypnotherapy by chance and wish I had found it years earlier!)

Over the years clients are continually amazed by how astonishingly effective hypnotherapy at Maidstone hypnotherapy practice is.

Within amazingly tranquil therapy -such complete and utter relaxation - yet fulfilling the positive changes you want.
As a qualified and practising clinical Maidstone hypnotherapist & Maidstone CBT therapist here at my Maidstone hypnotherapy practice I will support the ways you want to think, feel & react differently incorporated with amazingly tranquil & calming hypnosis.

I am an approved hypnotherapist on the government backed complementry healthcare national register that the NHS recommend all GPs/doctors

Shopping around' for the correct therapist for you can't be decided by price alone --so phone & talk to me---email if more comfortable with doing so ---- ask your queries--- 'sound' me out! If with a client I will get back very quickly.
Note --I do not make money from you by having banners of other websites nor are CD's sold by me at inflated prices-rather if / as part of your specific therapeutic plan of action they are needed then I provide them free of charge.
Neither do I plan to 'make' money by having you coming longer than necessary-my way is you for to 'get your head around the issue in the best possible time & if you have a commitment to change you will join many others who have achieved their goals.

Your dreams of change are aimed for here with a high quality of professional personalised support in a tranquil therapy room & I am available 9am-7pm ish mon-fri and some saturdays.

Working for your happier future-- it can be the best investment of your life so get in touch TODAY -- a realistic investment of £50 a session, smokers £120.

It is not a sign of weakness to acknowledge that you need professional help -- Talk to your doctor if wanting another opinion about talking therapies. Doctors are usually supportive to their patients having hypnotherapy -----if living with a chronic health issue ie pain, IBS, migraines, high blood pressure ( hypertension) ,cancer emotion support,stress/anxieties etc

I am a well qualified Maidstone hypnotherapist and take part in continuing professional development.

Clients come from a wide area due to referrals from friends and work colleagues. Whilst many will find me by just typing into Google one of the following,hypnotherapy hypnotherapist Maidstone, hypnotherapy hypnotherapist Sittingbourne Chatham Gillingham,hypnotherapy hypnotherapist West Malling Kings Hill Snodland , hypnotherapy hypnotherapist Loose Coxheath Staplehurst. Finding a well qualified hypnotherapist and a practising one for some issues can be difficult ,if on phoning/emailing to query if I felt at all uncertain to my suitability I would refer you to another.

Well I think the message will have been heard !! when you are calm and relaxed,amazingly positive and effective results CAN transform your feelings and reach your goals ---so phone Maidstone Hypnotherapy Practice---Clinical Hypnotherapy For You now on 01622 298178 and speak to Teresa.

Recent issues dealt with -needle phobia, spider phobia, blood pressure machine phobia, OCD,weight issues, quit smoking,anxiety & stress, self esteem,flying phobia, crowds phobia,eating in public and several faddy eaters - now eating more normally!
Positive and effective changes can be felt in a short time period and from the first session the understandings of effective hypnotherapy with the potential benefits become more understood.

The self help assignments encourage you to continue to be your own therapist at home, beneficial for yourself & in readiness for your next visit to me. The decision of how many visits needed is in consultation with the client, payment is at each session, not upfront in a block.

I belong to several organizations including the General Hypnotherapy Register, for who I was for a long time a peer group facilitator and a one to one supervisor.

Please get in touch if a new therapist needing supervision, as I offer a relaxed, comfortable style of interaction aiming to be supportive (in what can feel an isolated profession - resulting in you enhancing your competence, developing your individual style of working within good practice so becoming a successful, confident hypnotherapist).

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