Testimonials of Maidstone Hypnotherapy Practice.

* Anxiety gone !
I saw Teresa recently and from the first session felt really comfortable with her, my long term anxiety reduced very quickly and I only had three sessions in total --- wish I wish I had gone much earlier-- thank you! Life Saver!      *

 *I had been unwell for a couple of years after contracting Pleurisy which went on to trigger Reactive Arthritis. I had been in a lot of pain and struggled daily. I had been very active up till then and found it hard to accept. I had resisted Steroids and Immune Suppressants and got by with pain killers. At my wits end I thought I would give Hypnosis a try. Straight away Teresa could tell I was stressed although I didn't recognize it myself. After only one session I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It is as if I have been taught life skills. I now know when I get stressed and use the techniques I have been shown . Hypnosis is nothing to be scared off, it's very relaxing and refreshing. I felt very comfortable with Teresa and would strongly recommend her to anyone. I think I only saw Teresa 4 times and have just run 8 miles for a charity. All the time I could hear Teresa saying you can do it. Teresa has helped me get my life back on track and helped me to find the inner strength I thought I had lost. *

 *Hi Teresa!
It was so nice to bump into you last week in Maidstone and I immediately felt quite chastened as I have been intending to email you for several months. I had wanted to let you know that the work you did with me on my self esteem, anxiety and most of all, my desperately needed felling of losing control over my weight and eating problem, has continued to be successful. As I told you when I saw you with my mother, the continued listening to your weight loss CD on a daily basis for half an hour, has kept me on the straight and narrow. Since May 16th , 3 months tomorrow, I have reduced weight and I am well satisfied with the confidence this has given me. I allow myself one small indulgent per day but the mental picture of my stomach being the size of my fist, flashes through my mind on an evening when i serve my supper on a bread plate rather than a dinner plate. The feeling of not allowing myself to eat more than is comfortable, is very firmly lodged in my brain and the colour red is an added control mechanism. All in all, I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs help with controlling any problems and anxieties which are affecting their lives and I thank you for all the caring concern and professional expertise that you showed me during our sessions. I am sure we will meet again, but the comforting feeling that I have, is that I can contact you, should I ever need expert help in the future. Kind regards.  *

* Teresa was brilliant. I have no idea why I could not swim. Over most of my 52 years I desperately wanted to, even took many private lessons as a teenager, and so many friends would try to help me, but I just could not do it. I could put my head under water, open my eyes underwater and I could float...but only if I held on frantically to the side - even in the training pools. The arrival of the two most adorable grandchildren who love the water was what did it. I am now proud to say that after 3 sessions approx 10 days apart, doing my 'homework' as instructed (mainly listening to 2 relaxation cds that Teresa provides) and the patience of my wonderful youngest daughter who got up at 6am most weekends to accompany me to the pool for a bit of support, I CAN SWIM!!!!! I had about 7 sessions in the pool, even going once on my own when it was crowded - never before done, lots of encouragement from complete strangers who I would now class as 'friends'; including the young man who was instructing a little girl on her lesson that just happened to give some some advice on my arm movements that were so effective I hugged him ( bet he won't do that again lol!). My therapy took place in a comfortable room, no parking worries as there is a drive way, and I never felt out of control. I couldn't say what happened when I went to the pool after each time, I just know I was actually enjoying being in the water and actually having fun. My daughter cannot believe it. I tread water, can swim approx 1/2 length breast stroke in my comfort depth (1.4m) and gaining confidence all the time. It feels good. I feel good. Six weeks ago this was just a dream, now I'm doing it. Cant wait to see what my other two daughters say when I show them, they've no idea what I've been up to! Thanks Teresa, I know I really could not do it without you X  *

Hi Teresa

 * Have been meaning to call you all week to let you know how I got on Monday was theory ate my breakfast and enjoyed it. Much calmer than expected prior to exam and was able to control any nervousness by deep breathing alone. Exam paper wasn't too bad, had plenty of time to check through which helped. Felt confident prior to practical exam on Wednesday and even ate a bun before. Used the "Clenched Fist" technique a couple of times on the way to the exam, but once there, was able to focus on thorough setting up of work area/couch/trolley etc and felt quite good. Just revising today for exam Wednesday/Thursday this week! He's helped me know that I have prepared well prior to exams and to remind myself that I am an experienced and effective therapist.
Thank you for your help and interest. I really feel that my last session with you made a big difference to how I approached and felt about my exams. I will be happy to recommend you to my friends, family and clients. Best wishes and thank you again. *

* Hi Teresa
Thank you for the email, yes I completely forgot about the Holidays, it never even entered my mind. As for the smoking, well I haven’t touched, not wanted to have one and I feel great. My wide is happy for me and I don’t feel guilty around my children any more. I am not sure about the follow up and if I will need one right now, as I feel confident after the hypnosis. But should there ever be an urge, I will make contact with you to re-arrange an appointment. Once again, thank you for everything that you have done and helping me achieve my goal of becoming a non-smoker. *
Many thanks

* Hi Teresa
I just wanted to tell you that I had a successful journey to London today. The trains were delayed to Victoria and the journey took a lot longer with lots of stopping. I could have gone into panic mode but I took a few deep breaths and tried to look at things differently and got there ok. Because of delays there were hoards of people at Victoria going onto the the tube, again more deep breaths and it was okay. I squeezed on with the rest of them and I felt ok. The journey back was a breeze. Just thought I’d let you know. It started badly and I thought I might abandon the journey but it all went ok.
Next is flying, I’ll be back!!
Jo  *

* Dear Teresa,
I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank you very much! It has been 6 weeks without a cigarette now and it is all down to you! I could not have done it without your expertise. I won’t say that it has been easy, but it certainly hasn’t been as difficult as I thought it would be. The first week was quite strange as I kept having the urge to go outside, it wasn’t a craving, just an urge (habit I suppose), but the urge got less and less as the days went by and the thought of having a cigarette has gone from every hour or so to once or twice a day now. The really great thing is that I can sit outside with my partner while he has a cigarette and it doesn’t seem to affect me like I thought it would.
Going from 13 years of smoking 20 a day to none, I never thought that I would have been able to do it. Thank you so much.
Kind Regards  *

* Hi Teresa
I am doing really well and using the ‘tools’ so to speak.
The CD’s are brilliant and I am finding them so useful. I am confident now to recognise when I need to use them and when I don’t.
I do recognise that a further follow up session might be useful and would probably seek this out a little later in the year as we head towards Christmas and the work schedule getting heavier or is the ‘repeated pattern’ starts rearing its head again! One things I have noticed is that I am very tired. I have put this down to my body and brain recognising what a good sleep is like. Is this usual?
Thanking you. "Hi Teresa Its’ been 2 weeks now since I have packed up smoking. Thank you for your help." "Hello Teresa Thank you , yes I had a wonderful time in New York, not a restful holiday I have to say, but the wonderful thing was, I was at the airport and did not feel nervous, the flight was really good, we did hit some turbulence about an hour and a half before we were due to land, that was the only time I felt bad but it soon passed. On the flight home I managed to fall asleep, something I have never done ever!! I did feel quite good and managed to relax. So thank you for helping me through what could have been a really bad time. Best Wishes, Jackie." "Hi Teresa I just wanted to let you know how my mock technical exam went... I PASSED! I did it this morning and by the time I got on the tube, I had a text from one of the assessors letting me know the good news. I know that it is quite possible that I would have passed anyway but I do thank that it was down to you that although I was nervous, I was a little excited too. And I remained calm and confident and felt amazing about the exam even before I was told the result. Fingers crossed I stay like this until I pass the real thing. Thanks again." "Hi Teresa Wanted to let you know I passed my driving text this morning! I wanted to say a big thank for helping me believe that I can control my feelings, and anxiety and stress don’t have to control me! Thank you!!!!!!!" "Hi Teresa I’m doing really well – I am not snacking between meals now and when I feel like a piece of chocolate, I am quite happy to have a couple of pieces rather than the whole bar!! – I have lost weight and feel a lot happier with myself so many thanks for your help and I will continue to keep up the good work I have done to make it the norm rather than a conscious effort. Thanks again for your help Best wishes  *

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