Confidence & Self Esteem

Grow confidence, self esteem with hypnotherapy in Maidstone

Nervous about speaking to or in front of strangers ?
Even voicing out loud your opinions to friends and family ?
Does the invite to a party or social occasion fill you with horror !
Lack faith in your own abilities?

Your thoughts and beliefs about yourself stem from others reactions to you in your life.
So if you have been bullied or continually 'put down' you grow
layers of self doubt.
Whilst not a specific mental health problem these beliefs will lower your resilence to cope and then to fall further victim to other anxieties.
When you think in a negative way ie. ' I look big ', ' no one will be interested in me ' , ' I will just struggle to find the right words ' then your expectations will naturally be lower and so it becomes easier ie. to not go, keep quiet, to avoid the situations that may make you feel that way which then leads you to have even less chance of feeling confident !

However the 'real you' can be found and enjoyed for the individual you are.

Having confidence and faith in your abilities will bring/brings huge benefit to all areas of your life !
The good news is that self confidence/higher self esteem is a skill that can be developed with hypnotherapy and some CBT/NLP techniques, modifing your beliefs about yourself , learning to visualise and think forward, practising how you want to be within hypnotherapy ,learning to replace negative thought patterns with more appropiate ones can make an amazing difference to your life--which can then be built upon and will be noticed in several ways-- your body language---how you hold yourself--the way you talk--how you react to situations.
Public presentations, job interviews, exam motivation / concentration.
As a Maidstone hypnotherapist I can be sure to get many requests for support for these issues. Achieve the confident manner of study and delivery of work, wether written or spoken--with hypnotherapy and some CBT/NLP techniques.
Practice confident public speaking and stage confidence within hypnotherapy technoiques.

Improve sports performance .

Train your mind for winning as well as your body!
Elite athletes are known to use hypnosis and focussing techniques to get the competitive edge as enhances concentration.
Learning how to be calm and relaxed means performing better and reaching a higher level of ability.

Issues dealt with include,

Body dysmorphia


Positive thinking

Public speaking

Exam taking, theory/practical

Confidence building



Social phobia

Driving test confidence

Fear of confrontation

Work bullying/anxieties

Speaking up in meetings

Best man's speech




Self belief

Let go of the past

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