It would be easy to use Zoom etc however I feel the natural personal face to face is the ideal so will await a little longer before having appointments again.
 If you are a past client and would like a replacement or different recording sent then just get in touch---best wishes to keeping well,Teresa.


Welcome to a premier Maidstone hypnotherapy practice.

My name is Teresa and I am a supportive, experienced, qualified & professional hypnotherapist----also a MHFA mental health 'champion'---
ready to encourage & support your journey of change to achieve your goals.

Welcome, to start feeling the way you dream of-- -losing those anxieties,
 achieving positive changes to  problem areas of your life -----with amazingly effective hypnotherapy.

The methods I use have been proven time and time again to facilitate fast effective change.

My way of working here is about looking at how YOU want to feel better or react differently--the benefits for you-- and then choosing the techniques and actions that lead to that success --- to make a difference to YOUR life. 
When wanting to make a change--whether  to feel better about ourselves ,to change an unwanted habit/behaviour, to reach a personal goal or challenge---the effort can feel overwhelming--then it seems too hard and we give up.

Here at my Maidstone hypnotherapy practice I provide a way of making those changes in a tranquil and amazingly effective way.
When relaxed you are more responsive to suggestions and positive ideas and old negative thoughts/behaviours/reactions can be changed.

YOU are completely in control,able to react as normal and not 'under' anything ! especially not under my 'power'.

You choose to accept any/all my suggestions because you understand the benefit of reaching your goals.

Here with me you will quickly understand how effective hypnotherapy is and feel benefits which for most will be amazingly effective and life enhancing.
Most clients will see/feel the effective changes very quickly with just a little motivation & commitment.

The compounding of sessions is the ideal for long lasting results--- as all habits of behaviour become so with practise !
also with commitment to some self help assignments you participate and are in control of the changes you dream of.

I am also a Maidstone CBT therapist trained to practice CBT which supports conscious change to ways of thought/feelings with the conscious mind as well as EMDR, a treatment for post traumatic stress disorder and effective for many anxieties and phobias.
Both are particularly effective when interacted with hypnotherapy.


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